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All the villagers gathered around the Zen Master as he was on the threshold of another elusive endeavour. He was on his deathbed. The sobbing villagers were worried that they wouldn’t have anyone to guide them in the future.

The wise master nodded understandingly. He declared, “Worry not,
Oh, pious people! I shall leave my spirit with you through my parting words.”

And thus spake the Zen Master,

When at life’s trough,
When you think enough is enough.

When it’s the dusk of your fountain of youth,
When you are withering from foot to tooth.

When Time comes to collect…

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My eyes want to cry, but my spirit says to them hold on, hold on.

I know I will not stop until I’ve finished the job.

Pain is my only friend,
Leisure and pleasure — strangers.

I refuse to settle for the mediocre,
I refuse to settle for applause,

For, I ought to impress myself before others.

Even if it goes against my own will,
I will do what I set out to do,
I will be what I set out to be.

I will not be the slave of my former self.

And thus, I set out to conquer myself.


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Out there, there are awesome people doing awesome things.
But I, I suck at awesome!

Great ideas bombard my head all the time.
But, I have neither the means nor the invention to give them fruition.

All around me, I see monumental stuff happening.
How I wish I could build one brick for the Mighty Colosseum,
Write one word for the Great Novel,
Take one step in the Grand Marathon.

But, No!

I am cursed with Mediocrity,
Befriended by Inertia,
Besotted with Impotence.

Perhaps, the big leagues are too big for me.

They say Your time will come too,
And that


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Pointless strolling takes up the greater part of my existence,
Too afraid to pick a path,
Even for my morning walk.

Dozens of shallow relationships, veiled by anonymity,
Afraid of commitment,
Like they could gobble me up.

Never gonna do anything.
Thousands of excuses for why I cannot,
Not a single one for why I must.

Dozens of unedited drafts, not a single one published.
I never realise that I cannot postpone life,
And I am too disinterested to take interest in it.

Tired of being tired of being tired.
Been here only for 20 odd years, yet feels like
I’m carrying…


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You reply to my smiles with a nod,
To my words with a smile,
To my letters with a pat on the back,

And, I pine for more from you, for more of you,
Thinking that your eyes look through me,
That I don’t exist for you.

I cry myself to sleep,
And then I'm at peace.

What if you start responding to my love,
Start to understand my feelings,
Start warming up to me,

Could I withstand that force,
Could I bear the love,
Could my tiny heart stand this new battle?

Once drowned, could I ever surface?

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City lights, cars zoom.
Speedy life, good food and drink.
On top of the world!

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Just as I feel the acute need for you, you are not there for me.

Are you even listening? Do you even care? Are you even real?

Events happen in my life that makes me doubt your existence.
But know that I’ve always believed in your superpowers.

I’m sorry I get mad at you.
But know that it does not mean that I love you any less.

I hold you responsible for all the bad that happens in my life. I doubt all the words of reassurance you’ve given me. …

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I dreamt of her smile,
A sweet, innocent smile that could melt terrorists.
I dreamt of her smile,
A warm smile that gives wings to depressed hearts.
I dreamt of her smile,
A mesmerising smile that could freeze the entire universe.
I dreamt of her smile,
A melancholic smile that drags my heart to the bottom of the ocean, (and ties it down)
And she smiled!
Like a thousand rose petals blooming when the sun shone,
With a pleasant breeze and slight drizzle.
She smiled that beautiful smile, much to mother nature’s envy!


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I don’t want the selfless and caring kind of love.
I want the kind of love that is cruel and vindictive.

I want the kind of love that I can’t have,
The love that I don’t deserve,
The love that is difficult to preserve.

I want the kind of love that is too hot to handle,
The love that is too far for me to reach,
The love that is too dear that it hurts.

I don’t want the kind of love that loves me back,
I want the love that makes me pine,
The love that makes me lose…

Image by Bingo Naranjo from Pixabay

As time unveils more
Of you, I’m afraid what lies
Beneath the façade.


Tired of a normal life. Afraid of a different one. I’ve taken refuge in Poetry and dreams. Aspiring Aspirer. Steppenwolf.

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